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       It all began in 2005 with seven children.  As of now approximately 2000 children from Adventist families have HOPE!  Thanks to the generosity of sponsors from around the world, poor children from the villages of India have an opportunity to attend an Adventist school.

     India is a diverse country filled with a wide variety of languages, cultures and ethnic groups.  This amazing country boasts of jungles, rainforests, plains and mountains.  India occupies 2.4% of the world's land area and supports over 17% of the world’s population.  The Adventist church in India is growing rapidly!  There are over one million five hundred thousand members of the Adventist church in this second most populated country in the world.  Giving the children of believers a Christian education is the most effective way to sustain and nurture this growth.

     $35 a month gives a child HOPE!  The average income in India is less than $2 per day.  Many of our Adventist parents cannot afford to give their children a quality education.   Parents know that education is important and this program was designed specifically for children of Adventist laymen families.
"For years my husband Ron and I had a vision -- to bring the children of new believers into our Adventist schools to help them grow in the faith and grow the church.  Adventist Child India is God's answer to our prayers."
Dorothy Watts,  Founder,  Adventist Child India